More boaters on the East Coast now have the opportunity to fill their diesel tanks with cleaner burning fuel, and at a more competitive price. Thanks in part to efforts by the soybean checkoff and Delaware Soybean Board, the Indian River Marina in Delaware Seashore State Park is the first marina in the mid-Atlantic region to offer soy biodiesel to government and commercial marine fleets, as well as to private boat owners.

Officials with Indian River Marina, which is managed by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), will begin retailing B2 or a two percent blend of soy biodiesel with number 2 diesel to private and commercial boaters as part of marina renovations. The price of B2 will be similar to regular diesel fuel at the marina. Statistics show the facility uses about 237,000 gallons of diesel per year.

Soy biodiesel's availability at the marina is made possible partly through the soybean checkoff's Biobased Products Initiative (BPI). The BPI is a program established to promote the environmental and economic advantages of using soy-based products, such as biodiesel, to public and private sectors of the market.

Marina officials are coordinating with the Delaware Soybean Board to offer and promote the use of other soy-based products at the ship's store on the marina, including stainless steel cleaner, penetrant lube, hand cleaner, adhesive removers and degreasers. Soy-based products fit the Clean Marina program's criteria of improving water quality, reducing pollution, maintaining healthy ecosystems and preserving the scenic beauty of Delaware's waterways.

Source: Association Release