DES MOINES -- Growers planting Pioneer(R) brand sorghum hybrids recently won 12 of the 15 national categories in the 2005 National Sorghum Producers Yield and Management Contest. All but one of these growers won with Pioneer sorghum hybrid 84G62; the remaining winner planted Pioneer sorghum hybrid 8699.

Farmers growing Pioneer sorghum hybrids finished first place in three of the five national contest segments. First-, second- and third-place national honors were awarded in each segment, with growers planting Pioneer sorghum hybrids winning 80 percent of those placings.

In addition, growers winning both "bin-buster" 2005 championships also planted Pioneer sorghum hybrids. They were J.W. McClellan, Texline, Texas, with 195.9 bushels per acre from Pioneer 84G62 in the irrigated class; and Dean Seems, Gaylord, Kan., with 165.68 bushels per acre from Pioneer 8699 in the non-irrigated class.

NSP contest winners are awarded based on their ability to exceed established USDA yield average for the county where the contest field is grown; the "bin-buster" awards are given to the actual highest yield gained in irrigated and non-irrigated categories.

The NSP Yield and Management Contest is an annual competition among sorghum producers with the goal of producing the highest yields. Growers compete within a broad range of sorghum production classes, including conventional-till irrigated, conventional-till non-irrigated, mulch-till non-irrigated, no-till non-irrigated and reduced-till irrigated.

Among state winners, growers planting Pioneer sorghum hybrids won 75 percent of the first-place awards and 71 percent of all category placements.

"We're pleased to see the tremendous results that growers achieved in the NSP contest this year," says Clive Holland, Pioneer sorghum marketing manager. "Their diligent management practices along with top-notch seed products led to their success. The fact that so many top-yielding hybrids in this contest are Pioneer products shows the advantages Pioneer brings to the financial bottom line of sorghum producers."

National and state winners will be recognized Feb. 5-7, 2006, at the 2006 North American Grain Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Details about individual winners can be found on the Pioneer Web site. For more information about the broad range of top-producing Pioneer products, growers should contact their local Pioneer sales professional.

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SOURCE: Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.