Smith Dairy Products Company, the leading regional maker of dairy products, beverages, and ice cream, today announced that consumers will find seven new treats in its Ruggles(R) frozen novelties line, by the end of March, in northeastern and central Ohio grocers' freezers.

Smith Dairy Marketing Manager Penny Baker said that the company is expanding its offerings in the category to a total of 16 in response to rising consumer demand for novelties.

"Over the past three years, we've seen a surge in our Ruggles novelties sales," said Baker. "Novelties are the shining star of the frozen dessert category and consumers wanted even more choices."

Baker credits the trend to the convenience of retail multi-packs of individually-wrapped treats. "They appeal to parents who find it convenient to simply open the box and give each child the exact same portion of identical items," Baker said.

"People concerned about weight management or healthy eating also like them because of the portion control aspect," Baker continued. "With Ruggles novelties, they can find a treat to suit any need and taste, from weight- reduction-appropriate to super-indulgent, and they'll always know how it fits into their diets."

The seven new Ruggles novelties include Round Top Sundae Cones, Variety Pack Cones, Neapolitan Sandwiches, Vanilla Party Slices, Strawberry Eclair Crunch Bars, Orange Pop-Ups, and Vanilla Mini-Sandwiches, all in retail packs available in late March throughout northeast and central Ohio.

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Source: Smith Dairy Products Company