A report by Idaho’s 200 Bushel Club suggests that slower wheat planting can impact wheat yield positively at season end.

After club members did on-farm research in 2015, one of the most interesting results was wheat yielding up to 11 bushels per acre better in field trail work where the planter speed was 4 miles per hour compared to trials where the planter speed was 6 mph.

“Cathy Wilson, director of research collaboration with Idaho Wheat Commission, said a 4 mph planter speed optimized ‘soil-seed contact in order to get a good stand.’” She was quoted by John O’Connell with Capital Press. “Paying attention to seed-bed preparation and an even depth of your seeding is really important.”

The studies further indicated the slower planting speed was more important on poor quality calcareous soils than the higher quality soils. More uniform plant height and growth occurred with slower planting; therefore, the wheat plants were nearly all in the same appropriate size window for application of crop protection products such as fungicides.