WINNIPEG, Manitoba -- Simplot Grower Solutions and Wolf Trax Inc. have entered into a distribution agreement for Wolf Trax Micronutrient products in California.

Wolf Trax manufactures and markets the unique DDP(R) micronutrients throughout the U.S., Mexico, Europe and Canada. DDP Micronutrients are formulated to thoroughly coat dry N, P and K fertilizer prills.

The unique coating ensures more consistent blends and thorough distribution of micronutrients across a field. DDP Micronutrients can also be used in a foliar application, and are the only micronutrients to offer the patented Dual Action(TM) Availability.

"Simplot's experience and leadership in the wholesale fertilizer sector, and Wolf Trax's innovative micronutrient technology create a great synergy," says Kerry Green, Wolf Trax managing director.

"Simplot will provide greater and more convenient access to Wolf Trax Micronutrients for innovative fertilizer dealers who wish to deliver this new and highly effective micronutrient technology to their grower customers."

"We're excited to be the distributor of Wolf Trax Micronutrients," says Rick Foell, manager of Specialty Products in California. "We constantly look for opportunities to provide high quality products that add value to our customers' businesses and our own. Wolf Trax products do just that."

Wolf Trax works to improve plant health by manufacturing and marketing innovative, research-proven plant nutrition technologies for the agricultural and horticultural industries. Wolf Trax is committed to extensive research and testing, superior quality, and solid customer service and technical support.

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SOURCE: J.R. Simplot.