ATLANTA -- Numerex Corp., a leading provider of full-service, highly secure machine-to-machine (M2M) network services and solutions, today announced that Simmons Corporation, a major outsourcing vendor of compliance monitoring services for owners of underground storage tanks in the United States and Canada, headquartered in Richardson, Texas, has selected Numerex to provide integrated satellite-based monitoring solutions, which combine expertise and services from both companies.

"Quality Liquid Feeds, which serves the animal feeding industry in more than 30 U.S. states, turned to Simmons for a remote service to monitor and dispatch deliveries of QLF's liquid feed. Simmons developed the circuit board and incorporated Numerex's custom satellite solution. The accuracy of the data coupled with the reliability of the Numerex network has increased QLF's profitability as well as its visibility into all the QLF sites. It allows QLF to service its customers with incredible accuracy," states Vance Cash, QLF Regional Sales Manager.

Using Numerex technology, Simmons can give QLF the ability to monitor liquid feed levels in any of its hundreds of remote tanks around the country by inserting a transmitter in the existing probe that is dropped inside the feed tanks. The transmitter sends an alarm signal when the tanks reach a certain level. Manual on-site diagnostic visits from field technicians are no longer needed, reducing travel costs and improving operational efficiencies.

"Numerex's satellite-based technology is embedded into many of our remote liquid tank management solutions. We have found the reliability of the Numerex network second to none," adds Myra Canterbury, Simmons CEO. "We are excited about the potential to increase the productivity of our fuel solutions through the use of Numerex's satellite and cellular monitoring services."

Simmons' primary business channel services consist of distribution centers and facilities such as gas stations and convenience centers. Its proprietary solution, Wilco(TM), is an Underground Storage Tank (UST) and Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) compliant fuel management service that transmits data from the fuel tanks to the control panel via Simmons SIRVEY software. Simmons then compiles global compliance reports in order to meet U.S. legal and regulatory leak detection requirements.

"We are very pleased that our association with Simmons gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the adaptability and effectiveness of our remote asset monitoring solutions," commented Mike Lang, Numerex Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Simmons provides a variety of products and services to manage fuel inventories and to detect tank and line leaks. The company is a major outsourcing vendor of compliance monitoring services for owners of underground and above ground storage tanks. Recently Simmons has expanded into the agricultural market using the same technology to measure liquid feed tanks remotely.

Numerex Corp. is the machine-to-machine (M2M) provider of choice to some of the world's largest organizations delivering secure, all-around solutions through a single source. The Company's M2M expertise enables its customers to efficiently, reliably, and securely monitor and manage assets remotely whenever and wherever needed, while simplifying and speeding up development and deployment.

SOURCE: Numerex Corp. via PR Newswire.