ONTARIO, Calif. -- Self Insured Solutions, one of California's most successful developers and administrators of private self-insured workers' compensation groups, has announced the formation of three new agriculturally oriented Self Insured Groups.

"All three of these SIGs are up and ready for enrollments," said to Tom Wheeler, president of Self Insured Solutions. "The formation of these three new California self-insured groups, all focused in the agricultural area, cements SIS's reputation as being an effective provider of workers' compensation alternatives to employers in inherently high-risk work environments, such as those found in agriculture."

These three new self insured groups include California Farm Management (CFMSIG), a group set up for employers who provide farm labor contracting services to growers and other farm owners. California Agricultural Products (CAPSIG) is for employers who handle food processing operations. California Livestock Products (CLPSIG) is primarily intended for dairy farmers and other employers in the dairy industry.

In entering these three new fields, Self Insured Solutions is building on a successful agriculturally related track record built around the California Agricultural Network, CANSIG, which was launched Jan. 1, 2005.

"Self Insured Solutions specializes in meeting the needs of employers in high-risk industries, such as building construction and agriculture," Wheeler said. "We have a three-pronged approach that has proven successful in holding down costs while improving service.

"First, we are committed to intensive, ongoing job-site safety training -- we provide our members with skilled bilingual safety trainers who effectively focus their workers on safe work practices. This reduces the incidence of accidents, lowers claims and improves productivity.

"Next, we vigorously investigate and prosecute fraudulent workers' comp claims -- this deters fraud and keeps costs down.

"Finally, we work hard to ensure that all legitimate claims are quickly paid in full. Our goal is to get workers out of bed and back to work. That also saves money, improves productivity -- and, as a side benefit, this caring approach improves worker morale, too."

Wheeler said, "Our farm labor group, CFM, has already signed up more than a dozen members. Our food processing group, CAPSIG, and the dairy SIG launched the first of January. With these three new groups, along with CANSIG, our existing self-insured group for growers, we can pretty much offer anyone who works in the agricultural field an alternative to the traditional state-operated workers' comp system."

SOURCE: Self Insured Solutions via Business Wire.