A celebration of all things entrepreneurship, business and marketing, and the role of science and agriculture is what Alltech is promising for its May 16 to 20 Lexington, Ky., “Rebelation” Week of innovation, inspiration and world-changing ideas.

Alltech is a company that has been known for an emphasis on animal agriculture, but in the last few years it has widened its scope towards other areas including crop production and agricultural business challenges, which have been part of its sponsored presentations and workshops around the country.

New in 2015, instead of numerous symposia held throughout the year, Alltech is hosting all its flagship events in one packed week. Experts and industry insiders from around the world will convene in Kentucky’s Bluegrass region to discuss strategies for transforming business, life and agriculture.

“As the challenges mount in the feed and food industries, we see an opportunity for leadership. With a new projection of 11 billion people by 2100, a global ‘malnutrition’ epidemic and an imperative to safeguard the world’s natural resources for our children, this is a year for inspiration, innovation and world-changing ideas—a year of ‘rebelation,’ which requires us to rebel against traditional thought, take what is good and transform it,” according to the company’s announcement.

Alltech Rebelation Week will include conversations such as:

  • Aquaculture – Will Fish be the Protein of the Future?
  • Digital Business – Cultivating Conversations and Conversions to Stay Ahead of Your Competition
  • Human Capital – Selecting and Training Your Greatest Asset
  • The Growing Revolution of Biological Fertilizers in Crop Science
  • Craft Brewing and Distilling – With One Craft Brewery Opening Every Day, Could You be the Next Brewer?
  • Pork – The Chinese Market: Is There an Advantage for the U.S.?
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Buying: The Who, What, When and How
  • The Food Revolution – From Labeling to the Omega #s:  Traceability, Traceability.
  • Marketing – Building and Sustaining a Brand in a Brave New World
  • Beef – What a Time to be in Beef...but are the High Prices and Low Supplies Lasting?
  • Dairy – China is Crying out for Safe Dairy Products. What are the Opportunities?
  • Poultry – A Supermarket Story: How Can We Bridge the Gap to Our Consumers?

The event will be held at the Lexington Convention Center. Alltech Rebelation Week is “open to anyone with a rebel spirit, including the general public.” Business group rates are available. All events require registration, which will open by Feb. 2. For more information, visit alltech.com/rebelation.