SeedWay has completed a major investment in the expansion of its Hall, N.Y., headquarter location. Components of this major investment include: a high capacity computerized seed treater, Seed Packaging and Palletizing Assembly Line, new Loading Docks and expanded warehousing. SeedWay Hall operates a warehouse, seed conditioning plant and is the corporate office, serving customers in New York, Vermont, Maine, and Pennsylvania.

With the new investments completed, the primary result will be enhanced seed quality and more timely availability of products. This new equipment and additional space will better enable SeedWay to meet customers’ expectations.

“The largest capital project ever undertaken at the Hall, N.Y., warehouse and processing facility will yield great benefits. With the installation of a state of the art computerized seed treating system and a semi-automated seed packaging system, we will be better able to meet the customer’s needs. The warehouse expansion and new loading dock installation have allowed us to become more efficient in receiving and shipping out product” adds Ritchie Lent, operations manager, SeedWay – Hall, N.Y.