The Agribusiness Security Working Group, as comprised of the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA), CropLife America (CLA) and The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), has announced its Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) tool was chosen by Clemson University to survey the security needs of 220 agricultural locations in South Carolina.

The Agribusiness Security Working Group tips its hat to Clemson University for its successful effort to secure grant funding to improve state-wide security awareness. South Carolina is setting the standard by being the first state to implement a state-wide SVA program.

The SVA tool, which was developed by Asmark, Incorporated, and the Agribusiness Security Working Group, has been determined to meet the Center for Chemical Process Safety security vulnerability assessment design criteria. As a result, retailers who use this program to assess facility security can do so with confidence that their assessment is based on sound risk assessment principles. Retailers who complete the plan will receive a security assessment, along with a list of recommended security measures.

The SVA is available through state fertilizer, agricultural chemical or agribusiness associations. A list of sponsoring state organizations is available at the following Agribusiness Security Working Group partner Web sites:, or

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