It’s been a little over two years since SDLG began selling its wheel loaders in the U.S. and Canada, and it has been recognized that the company must expand its dealer network to expand demand.

SDLG’s strategy is to partner with dealers that have proven their expertise through years of excellent service and support to their customers.

The three newest dealers to sell SDLG wheel loaders are Wood’s CRW, Scott Equipment and Scott Van Keppel.

Wood’s CRW is a construction equipment specialist based in Williston, Vt., founded in 1961. Also joining SDLG is Monroe, Louisiana-based Scott Equipment, a heavy equipment company with 24 locations in seven states. The dealer will introduce the wheel loaders in the New Orleans metro area and expand availability according to customer demand. Scott Van Keppel is a partnership between Scott Equipment and G.W. Van Keppel of Kansas City, Mo., formed in 2007. It will begin selling SDLG wheel loaders from all three of its locations: Omaha, Neb.; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and Ankeny, Iowa.

All three dealers plan to offer SDLG’s complete North American lineup of four wheel loaders. They will also fully back the machines, providing extensive product support and service.

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