Schillinger Seed Inc., Des Moines, Iowa, has developed and is launching sales of naturally developed and processed high protein soy flours. The company has been involved in the development, production and export of high protein soybeans for three years and this year is launching into the ingredient sales arena.

Combining traditional breeding methods with extensive knowledge of soybean germplasm, Schillinger researchers have been able to set new standards for protein content in soybeans and soy flour. Some of the varieties contain 50 percent protein (dry basis), which can be used to produce soy flour with protein content of 58 perrcent (dry basis).

In addition, Schillinger Seed has identified varieties with different kinds of protein, thus facilitating different manufacturing needs. Processing those beans using non-chemical means has allowed them to produce new and naturally unique kinds of soybean flour.

"Our customers are finding that the naturally higher protein content offers many advantages in processing, costs reductions and nutrition, while the natural processing allows the products to have better taste and texture," says Al Green, director of sales and marketing for Schillinger.

Source: Company Release