NEWTOWN, Pa. -- Rotam North America Inc., the exclusive marketer in the U.S. for the Rotam Ltd. Group of Hong Kong, has announced the full registration by the EPA of Rotam Tebuconazole Technical.

Tebuconazole is the active ingredient in fungicide formulations widely used in certain food, turf and ornamental, and industrial applications.

Registration of a Rotam-formulated commercial end-use tebuconazole product for those markets is pending EPA approval, and is anticipated early this fall.

Tebuconazole is the second major product category Rotam has introduced in the U.S. In April, Rotam launched its first U.S. registrations, for Abamectin Technical and for the Rotam-formulated Abamectin products ABACUS(TM) and LUCID(TM).

"Tebuconazole remains one of the largest sales volume sterol inhibitor fungicides in the world, and Rotam has had many years of global experience developing and marketing tebuconazole products in several markets," said Alvaro Canizares, president, Rotam NorAm. "The quality and cost position of the Rotam tebuconazole products is among the best. Countries and crops where Rotam already markets tebuconazole products include Brazilian soybeans, several cereals segments, and Latin American rice and bananas.

"Interest in tebuconazole in the U.S. market has increased with the recent threat of Asian soybean rust. But it is the traditional uses of tebuconazole that continue to make a U.S. position with this molecule very important to the growth of Rotam Group," he said.

Tebuconazole uses covered by the Rotam Technical registration include (1) the food crops bananas, barley, cherries, grapes, grasses grown for seed, nectarines, oats, peaches, peanuts, and wheat; (2) the non-food crops roses, flowers, ornamental trees and shrubs, groundcovers, and vines, and (3) industrial biocide uses such as in wood preservatives and products, plastics, coatings and paints, glues and adhesives, and cutting fluids for metal working.

"Rotam Group is a basic developer and marketer of tebuconazole, abamectin, and other important compounds," Canizares said. "The technical and marketing expertise that Rotam Group is bringing to its new U.S. operations will help strengthen this important extension of our international business while providing end-users with new choices in supply."

Rotam NorAm is the exclusive marketer in the U.S. for the Agro Business Unit of the Rotam Ltd. Group, a worldwide leader in agrochemical active ingredient synthesis and formulation, as well as commercial product registration and packaging. The group develops and markets insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and growth regulators for crop enhancement and protection.

The Rotam Group comprises more than 40 companies operating in about 25 countries. Group headquarters are in Vancouver, Canada, and Shanghai, PRC. The Rotam Group is basic in the life sciences, including pharmaceuticals, veterinary and agricultural chemicals, as well as barrier packaging for finished products. Rotam Group also has numerous diversified businesses in food retailing and wholesale, property development, and plastic household products.

SOURCE: Rotam North America Inc. via Business Wire.