AgRenaissance Software LLC announced the release of the FieldX Sampling app as part of the FieldX suite of software. The FieldX Sampling app is used for in-field navigation to soil sampling points, and is compatible with iOS 7 or iOS 8 on an iPad or iPhone. The app is free with a FieldX subscription.

Sampling points are created in FieldX Office on a Windows PC, either by manually positioning the points on a map or by importing existing points in a Shapefile. These points are then synced to FieldX Sampling. While in the field, the app shows the user’s GPS location in relation to the uploaded sampling points. After a sample is collected, that point can then be marked as “Completed.”

“Within just a few minutes, a user could import their Shapefile in FieldX Office and start navigating to their sampling points using their iPad or iPhone,” explained Tim Welle, director of business development for AgRenaissance Software LLC. “By managing everything from FieldX Office, the user is able to save significant time and better organize their sampling events.”