Redux Holdings, Inc. announced its new whole sales business line. Recently the company has acquired the full ownership rights to the A3 Vertical system. This acquisition was one phase of the overall strategy to corner the agriculture market in an attempt to become the first authority in the vertical farming sub sector. That said, Redux Holdings, Inc. has implemented our phase two objective of forming a whole sales business department for the distribution of sustainable produce.

As a company Redux Holdings, Inc. will grow produce on company owned land, sell our A3 Vertical Grow systems to farmers, and supply our whole sale distribution services across all clients since every client will be able to grow up to 10x more per annum compared to conventional farming methods. With this new increase of production farmers will need to increase their sales network to better handle the available outgoing produce.

According to the USDA "The organic sector has expanded rapidly over the last decade, as retail sales of organic food increased to $15.7 billion in 2006. As sales have grown, so have the number and types of outlets selling organic products..." (see ).

Management wants to relay the fact that our goal is to maximize the profitibility of the company by growing with a market that we intend to influence in expansion. We will continue to follow our philosophy of "build it, grow it, sell it, repeat".

The new wholesales business line is now currently serving Wyoming with over 50 distribution venues so far for farmers to utilize.

The next states to be active will include: Colorado, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona and Illinois.

The company's end goal is to service the entire continental U.S. by end of 2016.