A new agreement has been signed for BASF to license Northern Seed LLC to perform research and development on BASF's Clearfield technology in wheat. The agreement also allows Northern Seed LLC to commercialize the wheat varieties that result from this research once completed by Northern Seed LLC and approved for commercialization by BASF. The Clearfield system allows wheat farmers to have another tool to manage their weed and yield goals through an integrated herbicide management system.

"This is becoming a more important tool for U.S. farmers to have more alternatives to manage their yield potential and weed control in wheat" stated Ryan Holt, Executive Vice President of Northern Seed LLC. Holt also stated that Northern Seed LLC is proud of the fact that this research is being performed right here in Montana at our Bozeman Research Center, for the benefit of producers in the Northern Plains of the United States. "We are honored that BASF selected us to be a partner in this research and commercialization, and that they recognize that we have the resources and distribution to perform this stewardship," Holt said.

The research to be performed by Northern Seed LLC will be under the direction of Dale Clark, Ph.D., director of research for Northern Seed LLC. He will be assisted by plant breeding veterans, Craig Cook and Fernando Guillen-Portal, Ph.D.

Clark explained, "This license will allow Northern Seed LLC to access improved Clearfield wheat varieties, and will allow Northern Seed LLC to breed this Clearfield trait into locally adapted spring and winter wheat. We are extremely excited to be a partner with BASF for this research."