SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- New to Raven's spring line-up are the AccuRow and SmartRow automatic planter section control systems. Both planter control systems improve bottom line during planting season and at harvest, eliminating costly overlaps and skips while ensuring accuracy to maximize yields. Raven's CANbus technology and multi-function field computers work seamlessly with AccuRow, while the SmartRow is a great fit for the easy-to-use Cruizer guidance system.

In today's economy, seed is an important input cost to monitor. With a GPS-guided planter section control system, the user benefits from faster, more reliable and efficient planting. Automatic planter section control guarantees proper row shut off -- a major advantage for end rows, point rows and contoured fields. AccuRow and SmartRow simplify operation and reduce stress while planting -- and make combining a cinch at harvest time.

Since 1978, Raven has helped define the concept of precision agriculture and continues to create ground-breaking ideas and products that improve the position of growers around the world. Raven is publicly traded on NASDAQ (RAVN) and has earned an international reputation for agricultural innovation, product reliability and unmatched service and support. From field computers to boom controls, from GPS guidance to steering systems, Raven is leading the way for precision ag technology that delivers in the field.

SOURCE: Raven Industries via Business Wire.