DOYLESTOWN, Pa. -- Quigley Pharma announced today that it is planning a series of controlled experiments designed to test its all-natural broad-spectrum antiviral compound QR-441(a) against H5N1 avian flu in poultry stocks.

In addition, Quigley announced that Timothy S. Cummings, MS, DVM, ACPV clinical poultry professor, college of veterinary medicine at Mississippi State University; and Thomas G. Voss, Ph.D. assistant professor, Tulane University school of medicine; will be assisting the company in the development of the Investigational New Animal Drug bird challenge studies.

"We are very happy to have two distinguished experts in Dr. Cummings and Dr. Voss involved with the protocol development process," said Richard Rosenbloom, COO and executive vice president. "Their expertise developing poultry veterinary trials will help us to design the most appropriate studies possible."

The announcement follows a lengthy nationwide search for thought leaders in poultry and veterinary science. After negotiations with several potential researchers, the company received commitments from Voss and Cummings.

Quigley plans to complete several studies, starting with phase I healthy chicken safety studies to be followed by challenge studies in H5N1 infected birds. While the timeline for these studies has not been determined, the company would like to have their studies completed prior to any potential threat to the U.S. poultry population.

According to previously announced in vitro testing, QR-441A appears to have the potential to inhibit infectivity of the avian H5N1 virus in poultry populations. The FDA will be consulted under these INADs regarding company-generated protocols in order to expedite these studies and the steps that will be required in order to get QR-441A approved as a veterinary drug.

The QR-441 avian flu studies in chickens mark the first effort of the Veterinary Division of Quigley Pharma, which will be followed by a canine arthritis development plan for QR-440, a naturally derived broad spectrum anti-inflammatory compound.

The Quigley Corporation is a diversified natural health medical science company.

SOURCE: The Quigley Corporation via PR Newswire.