Purdue Extension Weed Science specialists have put together a guide with an easy method to keep your sprayer accurate.

Most everyone starts the season out by repairing and calibrating their spray equipment. How many recalibrate on a regular basis? In an old survey from Iowa State University, it was reported that only about 40 percent of those surveyed admitted to checking to see if their equipment was still applying the right amount of liquid sometime later into the growing season.

This probably has not changed much over the years; however, with computer equipment now used in herbicide applicators, it is easier to catch calibration errors. Still, this is a quick and easy process that takes only a few minutes of time, a catch bucket that measures ounces, and a stick to scratch out a few numbers in the dirt (pencil and paper works also). There are several ways to initially calibrate spray equipment, but there is a quick way to check that it is still correct after the equipment has been used.

Download the quick calibration guide.

SOURCE: Purdue University.