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SipcamAdvan introduces two new fungicides

SipcamAdvan announced the launch of two new fungicides for the 2015 growing season. Minerva and Minerva Duo broaden growers' options for fighting diseases that damage sugarbeet yields.


New 20-minute diesel fuel test

Diesel fuel quality should not be assumed. A simple rule to remember is if you get one gallon of bad fuel and add it to your tanks of good fuel, you just tuned your tank into bad fuel, according to the Dieselcraft company.


Trimble introduces new CenterPoint RTX correction service

Trimble announced a new version of its CenterPoint RTX correction service that delivers convergence to 4 centimeter horizontal accuracy in less than 5 minutes. The service is ideal for a variety of precision agriculture operations and is available for use with the Trimble CFX-750 display.


Syngenta names newest fungicide Orondis

Syngenta announced that the trade name for its newest fungicide, containing the active ingredient (a.i.) oxathiapiprolin, is Orondis.The new fungicide will offer U.S. growers effective control of economically important soil and foliar diseases caused by Oomycete fungi in vegetables, potatoes and tobacco.


New chemistry tackles herbicide-resistant weeds

Herbicide-resistant weeds have finally met their match, thanks to a new adjuvant named NanoRevolution 2.0, recently introduced by Max Systems LLC. Added to a tank mix of glyphosate at the conservative rate of two to four ounces per acre (based on weed size), NanoRevolution 2.0 has proven effective in killing resistant weed species that had already had up to two applications of the leading glyphosate product.


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