Winfield US adds Optify/Stretch and Toggle to its portfolio

Winfield US announces the launch of two new products in the United Suppliers portfolio for the 2016 crop season, Optify/Stretch and Toggle. Optify/Stretch is a broad spectrum biostimulant that improves a plant’s ability to withstand stress, increases early season vigor and provides more efficient nutrient and water uptake. Optify®/Stretch is an in-furrow product.


Lux Research unveils RISK Platform to analyze resource risks

Companies with complex supply chains can be exposed to unexpected risks – or miss valuable opportunities – that stem from their dependence on natural resources, from water to land to energy. Resource scarcity, price volatility, and increased social and environmental pressure all threaten supply disruption and unplanned price spikes – but for most companies, the impact of resource dependence remains hard to evaluate.


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