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Trimble launches NextSwath end-of-row turn technology

Trimble announced that its NextSwath end-of-row turn technology is now available. When approaching the end of a crop row, NextSwath automatically calculates and executes the best possible path to turn the farm vehicle around and approach the next crop row or swath with the implement precisely aligned to begin working.


Nimitz receives Section 18 on carrots in Michigan

Adama announced that the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) has issued a Crisis Exemption under Section 18 of FIFRA for use of Nimitz 480 EC nematicide to control northern root knot nematodes on carrots in Michigan.


New Stoltzfus 8-ton lime and fertilizer models

Stoltzfus Spreaders has introduced two 8-ton row crop lime and fertilizer spreaders with an industry-first Easy Swap plan that allows owners to buy and install axles with different widths to accommodate changes in future wheel track requirements.


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