New updated videos from MapShots

With spring planting just around the corner, MapShots, Inc., has provided new and updated tools to help farmers generate plans for their acreage this year. New videos now live on the MapShots website offer detailed guidance for farmers planning all aspects of their growing operations.


Ceres announces product introductions

Ceres, Inc., an agricultural biotechnology company focused on forage and feed crops, will introduce multiple new forage sorghum hybrids for 2016 sales following successful results from field evaluations in the United States and Puerto Rico.


Deere announces new software release for the Operations Center

The new software release for the Operations Center allows growers to reduce their reliance on desktop software (such as Apex) and to eventually adopt one system for their farm data management needs. This update will also more seamlessly connect in-cab monitoring technology such as SeedStar Mobile with Job Monitor and the 4600 CommandCenter Display.


University of Illinois releases updated online crop insurance decision tools

A completely revamped crop insurance section of the University of Illinois farmdoc website was released along with two new web-based decision tools. The ifarm Premium Calculator provides farmer-paid premiums for insurance products on a per acre basis. The ifarm Insurance Evaluator provides performance evaluations of alternative crop insurance products for a case farm within a county.


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