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Genedata releases a breakthrough for genomic comparison

Genedata announced the release of Genedata Selector 4.0. This latest version of the industry’s leading genome knowledge management solution provides groundbreaking new capabilities for reference-independent genome sequence comparisons while reducing data processing and analysis time.


Nachurs introduces Aqua-Tech fertilizers

Nachurs Alpine Solutions of Marion, Ohio, announced its newest line of high-efficiency fertilizers: Aqua-Tech. Aqua-Tech is a family of products that are specially designed for application through fertigation systems. This new technology is designed for innovative producers seeking greater plant productivity and ease of nutrient application.


Hagie and AirScout release customized “AirScout edition Applicator”

Through marrying advanced aerial technology with capability to perform full season applications as needed, growers and agricultural retailers are able to optimize soil and crop health for maximum yield potential. The perfect complement to traditional field-based scouting services, AirScout’s Application Program utilizes advanced thermal technology and ADVI imagery to build precise field prescription maps to be transmitted to a specially designed 2016 Hagie AirScout Edition STS unit.


Mycogen Seeds introduces stress-tolerant hybrids

Mycogen Seeds is helping growers in the western Corn Belt manage multiple environmental variables with a holistic solution: its new stress-tolerant corn portfolio. Unveiled this week, the stress-tolerant portfolio features hybrids with a strong agronomic foundation, bred to handle a range of challenges common to the western Corn Belt — including disease and insect pressure, water availability and extreme heat.


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