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Toolset helps identify key water-conservation options

A free downloadable toolset geared toward helping conservation planners, landowners and researchers better manage runoff, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, while also supporting agricultural production is available. The new software toolset was developed by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists with the Agricultural Research Service (ARS)—USDA's principal intramural scientific research agency.


Delavan Ag Pumps Turbo 90 PTO fills important niche

Delavan Ag Pumps’ Turbo 90 PTO-Driven Turbine Pump is designed to operate directly from a 1000 RPM PTO shaft without attachments. It can be used for large quantity liquid transfer from trucks to tanks as one example among many unique applications.


Shapefile support added to iSoyl app

iSoyl’s easy to use interface that can be used to manage precision crop production tasks on the move has already revolutionised daily routines on farms worldwide. The latest update of the free app allows growers to use the generic ‘shapefile’ format which can be produced by many management systems.


USC introduces new U-Batch Seed Treater

USC introduces its new U-Batch Seed Treater. It’s capable of treating most types of seed ranging from grass to soybeans, its versatility makes this treater perfect for primary treatment, over-treatment, powder application or cover crop blending.


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