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iConcept unveils remote sensing application

iConcept is excited to unveil its Remote Sensing application, a tailor-made solution especially for agribusiness enterprises. The solution helps enterprises capture, analyze and share crop acreage and crop production data.


Banner Engineering’s light series offers multi-direction lighting

Banner Engineering introduces its EZ-LIGHT K90 Series multicolor indicator lights. Featuring a large, 90-mm indicator housing, the K90 Series delivers extremely bright and uniform illumination from all directions and at longer distances, while a highly visible illuminated dome ensures easy-to-see operator guidance.


EPA approves Bayer’s registration application for ILeVO

Bayer CropScience announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved its application for the registration of ILeVO, the only seed treatment that protects the root system against infections caused by the sudden death syndrome fungus and has activity against dangerous nematodes in the seed zone.


Nutra-Flo introduces RoMax Performance Series

With advancements in precision farming and the desire to focus on each crop’s needs, Nutra-Flo, a leading liquid starter and foliar fertilizer manufacturer, is leading the way with a new line of crop specific, comprehensive nutrient packages.


New H2 High Capacity GrainGage for agricultural field research

HarvestMaster, a Juniper Systems company that focuses on agricultural data collection applications, just announced its newest harvest data system, the H2 High Capacity GrainGage. The H2 is designed to collect highly accurate data on large-plot, high-volume grain samples, such as corn or soybeans.


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