Arysta LifeScience North America announced the addition of Astera fungicide with aβpro Yield Enhancer to its crop protection product line for corn.

This is the first product announced with aβpro Yield Enhancer, which does not act directly on pests but activates plant reactions by gene expression.

Astera with aβpro is the only advanced plant health fungicide solution that offers plant health benefits without contributing to the risk of strobilurin resistance. The product features the new Arysta LifeScience chemistry, aβpro Yield Enhancer, which uses alphaBeta proteins to stimulate plants’ natural growth responses.

“Astera with aβpro Yield Enhancer contains a revolutionary new chemistry that uses alphaBeta proteins to induce a positive growth response in plants that leads to increased photosynthesis, nutrient uptake, root development and plant quality,” said Kevin Staska, product manager, Arysta LifeScience. “These responses then can result in overall improved plant health and yields.”

Astera with aβpro Yield Enhancer provides plant health benefits similar to those found with strobilurin use; however, research shows the positive effects of Astera with aβpro to be even more persistent.

The new product is an ideal fit for a fungicide rotational program and an economical way to get plant health benefits on acres where a fungicide has not historically been used.

“We realize growers always keep an eye on their bottom line, so the added plant health benefits and associated higher yields of Astera with aβpro offer an excellent choice for previously untreated acres,” Staska added. “Early application in corn, at stage V5, is recommended for maximum benefits, and growers can apply it with their last herbicide application for even greater savings.”