The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the use of Instinct II nitrogen stabilizer in wheat. Instinct II keeps more nitrogen available in the root zone for enhanced wheat health and optimized yield and profit potential.

After four decades of university trials, nitrapyrin, the active ingredient in Instinct II, is proven to keep more nitrogen available to corn plants by inhibiting the nitrification process. Instinct II is now available to help wheat growers protect applied nitrogen below ground — where the majority of nitrogen loss occurs.

All applied nitrogen is susceptible to loss through leaching and denitrification. Instinct II works to curb this loss when used with urea, UAN or manure.

Instinct II also supports conservation efforts and environmentally beneficial farming practices. Wherever the ammonium form of nitrogen was stabilized with nitrapyrin, there were reductions in nitrate leaching.

Wheat uses nitrogen in two forms — ammonium and nitrate. Ammonium is not only easier for the plant to absorb but also far less susceptible to loss. Instinct II keeps nitrogen in the ammonium form longer so the wheat plant can use the nitrogen it needs.

“Fertilizer is a large input cost for spring wheat growers, and it’s an investment that’s worth protecting,” said Tiffany Galloway, nitrogen stabilizers product manager, Dow AgroSciences.  “Instinct II is an insurance policy for nitrogen, protecting it below ground so it is there when and where wheat needs it most.”

For more information on implementing Instinct II in wheat operations, visit or talk with your Dow AgroSciences sales rep.