Seed treating facilities using high volume application rates can now provide conditioned seed more efficiently to customers. USC's new Seed Conditioner greatly reduces surface moisture on newly treated seed.

Because freshly treated seed tends to stick, potential problems with bridging and clumping can occur during seed handling, sometimes resulting in seed hangups in tenders and boxes. Seed retailers sometimes find themselves double dumping treated seed to address these issues which slows down their operations and costs them time and money. The combination of speed and the gentle use of ambient air makes this conditioner efficient, economical and effective, explains USC.

By configuring inline with a seed treater, the Seed Conditioner can efficiently handle around 1,800 pounds of soybeans per minute. It comes with variable speed controls for fans and chain belt to control the airflow and how fast the treated seed is conditioned, which allows for tailoring the process to humidity.

The touch screen control panel enables the operator to create up to 20 recipes for saving different belt speeds, fan speeds and on/off delayed timer settings. The control panel will also integrate with USC seed treaters via an auxiliary port. Four optional electrical requirements from 230v single-phase all the way up to 575v three-phase.

Equipped with casters for flexible setup options, USC's Seed Conditioner operates at a 3 1/2 degree tilt, measures 16 ½ feet long by 42 inches wide, allows for a maximum 8-inch seed bed depth on the chain belt.

The company notes the Seed Conditioner is simple to operate and set up and easily fits into the USC treating systems.

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