Genuity has launched important updates to two technology tools, the Genuity Rootworm Manager application and Genuity sponsored These both proved to be appreciated resources by farmers last season, according to Monsanto Company. Farmers are being encouraged to use these tools as part of a comprehensive integrated pest management approach to help maximize their yield potential while reducing their pest risk because pest pressure in corn and soybean plants requires ongoing monitoring.  

The free Genuity Rootworm Manager iPad device application debuted in May 2014 as a first-of-its-kind technology to help farmers asses their risk for corn rootworm pressure and provide field-specific recommendations for the farmer. At the end of the 2014 growing season (March-Sept.), the app had been downloaded almost 750 times and had received a National Agri-Marketing Award (NAMA) for Best Tablet App. During the 2015 season, growers who take advantage of this app will now experience improved ease of use and the ability to backup data through Apple iCloud storage, Monsanto announced. 

The Genuity-sponsored monitors corn earworm, Western bean cutworm, corn rootworm and soybean aphids. This tool was developed by climatologist and meteorologist Mike Sandstrom to help farmers understand their current pest pressure and make more accurate predictions for future migrations. During the 2014 growing season, more than 18,000 users accessed the site. Monsanto says farmers who sign up for this free tool will now be able to experience a more responsive mobile phone and tablet experience with larger map images. Along with the map images, users will now be able to see the migration patterns of all four monitored insects for the past growing season as well as the current season.

“Understanding and managing pest pressures will always be a critical part of any farm operation, but tools like the Genuity Rootworm Manager App and have made it easier for farmers to scout effectively throughout the growing season,” said Sean Evans, technology development manager for Monsanto. “I would strongly encourage farmers who haven’t had a chance to utilize these free tools to do so for the 2015 season and integrate them into their pest management strategies for both corn and soybeans.”

Corn and soybean farmers can sign up at to receive free email alerts to pest pressures that pose a risk in their geographic area. Corn farmers at risk for rootworm pressure can visit or visit the iTunes App Store for a free download.

For more information on Genuity corn traits, farmers can contact their seed representative or visit