Superior Manufacturing, a manufacturer of grain storage, handling and conditioning equipment, has introduced a new sidewall lamination design for its commercial bins. The patent-pending design is twice as strong as other traditional designs without increasing the gauge of steel or adding any hardware.  

Traditional laminate designs place sidewall sheets back to back to back. Superior’s new design uses the sheets in a sandwich design that provides more sheer points on the bolt, which spreads the load and lessens the risk of a bin failure, the company explained.

Laminate designs can be applied to new commercial bins with diameters of 75, 90 or 105 feet. The outside stiffeners on the bins also can be laminated or super laminated, depending on the bin size. Three stiffeners are stacked for strength and connected with two bolts that allow space for splice plates to increase durability.

All of Superior’s commercial bins feature structured, A-frame roofs that can handle 30,000- or 50,000-pound loads, depending on the size of the roof.