In-Situ Inc. has officially launched HydroVu, a new website for remote water monitoring. HydroVu provides customers secure access to decision-quality data when, where, and how they need it.

Water quality and quantity data can be difficult and costly to retrieve and analyze. Additionally, the task of sorting, manipulating, and formatting the data once its collected is extremely time-consuming. In many cases, critical information isn’t gathered and analyzed until well after it would have been most useful.

In response to this problem, In-Situ took their industry-leading expertise in water monitoring software and user experience design, and paired it with their instruments and telemetry systems to provide a total-solution offering. HydroVu allows for up-to-date access to data while simplifying the task of filtering the data for important results. Customers can regularly view and analyze data to limit potential problems, and minimize data gaps by receiving customizable alarm notifications. Easy setup, viewing, and analysis of data gives customers more from their In-Situ instruments for less time and money.

“In-Situ is excited to unveil HydroVu Data Services. We understand that when our customers purchase instruments they are ultimately looking for decision-quality data. HydroVu offers a cloud-based platform to meet that need. We are proud to offer a complete solution, easy integration, and full support for all of our customers’ water monitoring needs,” said Matt Trumbo, Environmental Solutions Product Manager at In-Situ.

HydroVu features include turnkey factory setup options, data access and backup at all times, unlimited data storage, multiple methods to view and filter data, and customizable alarm notifications delivered via email. HydroVu also provides real-time site feedback when integrated with In-Situ instruments and telemetry systems. More information and a live demonstration of HydroVu is available at