Rhino, after successfully launching an innovative design in flex-wings mowers last spring, has updated its entire line of products to meet national standards in safety and introduced another innovative design element with the advent of the RhinoTrax tires..

Greg Pollock, sales and marketing director for Rhino’s Ag Division, said, “The RhinoTrax tire not only adds to the sleek look of our flex-wings but offers our dealers and customers a standard tire that is durable and available across the entire line. Our current customers just love the mark it leaves as these units roll off their dealer lots and onto their farms.”

In addition to the RhinoTrax, Rhino made significant safety enhancements by adding a new lighting system to the back of its flex-wings. The new lighting system will come standard on all flex-wings sold by Rhino and meet or exceed all safety standards for lighting slow-moving implements without adding a bulky or unsightly accessory. The new safety innovations enhance the Rhino flex-wing's previous safety features including the new pivot hitch with a locking clevis for easier hookup and full 360° safety protection around driveline joints that still allow quick access for maintenance.

“Safety is a priority on all Rhino products,” added Lyndon Dittus, Rhino’s product manager. “We create strong products that are used in tough conditions and have made every effort to keep our operators and the public safe while these units are in use. These new safety features will make sure our operators are safe on the road as they move from one mowing site to the next.”