Satshot’s Landscout IOS mobile software now connects with the John Deere Operations Center through John Deere’s API services. Landscout allows the user (or operator) to classify, manage, merge, and export attributed image VRA zone-maps directly to the Operations Center.

This provides a single platform to turn satellite crop health maps into actionable data.

Agronomists and growers can ground truth the data while scouting, make an agronomic recommendation, create the prescription, and send it to the display in real-time, to any John Deere JDLink enabled machine.

Every user has access to crop health maps of their fields in Landscout. By instantly exporting these image maps into the Operations Center, this creates the most economical and actionable method for variable rate application mapping in agriculture. There by expanding the viable use cases for real-time imagery and defining precision, yet again.

With the tools that Landscout now provides, users are able to view the latest imagery, live in the field.