Ranman 400 SC fungicide from Summit Agro USA is now registered for control of downy mildew in bulb vegetables, particularly onions, garlic, chives and shallots.

"Downy mildew can devastate a crop," says Fred Yates, Summit Agro marketing manager. "The fungus overwinters in bulbs left in the field or in cull piles, and when conditions are favorable, it produces spores that infect the leaves of onion plants. The disease may spread rapidly, leading to reduced bulb size and storage rot. However, this year, bulb farmers will have a new powerful tool -- with Ranman."                                             

Ranman can be used in disease resistance management programs that use either alternation or mixture strategies. A zero-day pre-harvest interval (PHI) allows application up to the day of harvest, for exceptional crop management flexibility, maximum yield, and profitability.

The new use registration includes all members of the Bulb Vegetable Crop Group 3-07. This group includes: Chive, fresh leaves; chive, Chinese fresh leaves; daylily, bulb; elegans hosta; fritillaria, bulb and leaves; garlic, bulb; garlic, great-headed, bulb; garlic, serpent, bulb; kurrat; lady's leek; leek; leek, wild; lily, bulb; onion, Beltsville bunching; onion, bulb; onion, Chinese, bulb; onion, fresh; onion, green; onion, macrostem; onion, pearl; onion, potato, bulb; onion, tree, tops; onion, Welsh, tops; shallot, bulb; shallot, fresh leaves; cultivars, varieties, and/or hybrids of these.

Ranman fungicide is available exclusively through Tenkoz member companies and Helena Chemical Company. For more information, visit www.summitagro-usa.com or call your local Tenkoz or Helena representative.