PrecisionHawk announced the introduction of Lancaster 5, the company’s fifth generation unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platform with advanced data collection and flight safety capabilities.

The company says the Lancaster 5 is the culmination of years of research and thousands of flight hours. Precision Hawk reportedly focused on data collection and operational efficiency as main points of design. 

Cutting-edge data collection. Equipped with two embedded Linux processors, the Lancaster 5 houses a CPU dedicated for autopilot control and another one for mission and data management. This processing powerhouse introduces a new level of on-board intelligence and flight control features that allow the UAV to adjust to various payloads and unpredictable environmental conditions, ensuring optimal data collection with each survey.

Built to last. By combining customer feedback and data from extreme weather, shock and vibration tests, the Lancaster 5 is engineered to be 180 percent more “robust” than its predecessor. The UAV is designed to withstand hard landings on rugged terrain and unfavorable environmental field conditions, making it perfectly suited for agriculture, energy, insurance, forestry and emergency management applications.

Smarter flight. The Lancaster 5 comes with PrecisionHawk’s new proprietary mission planning software, InFlight. InFlight introduces a wide selection of intelligent operational capabilities that include enhanced situational awareness, smart battery swap and integrated emergency options. Compatible with Windows and MAC OS, the InFlight app increases overall operational efficiency in the field and allows users to fly with ease and confidence.

Drone for many enterprises. The Lancaster 5 is part of PrecisionHawk’s complete aerial information solution that includes data processing, management and analysis. The Lancaster 5 was strategically designed for decision-support in a wide array of businesses, including agriculture.