The Pneumat Systems RailSpreader helps load railcars to the fullest capacity with bulk materials such as DDGs, pellets, corn gluten meal, soybean meal and more. The RailSpreader’s unique design distributes bulk products to the outer edges of the railcar, inverting the angle of repose and spreading the bulk material evenly, allowing for maximum load-out and maximum profitability.

The hydraulically powered RailSpreader features explosion proof motors, controls, switches, and other electrical components.  Operation can be managed by programming its functions into existing PLC controllers for a fully automated system.  The unit can be customized to fit in existing load-out equipment.  Incorporated dust-control access points help remediate dust issues significantly when linked with a dust collection system.

Pneumat’s industry leading experience combined with custom engineered, innovative products has been helping solve bulk material flow problems since 1982.  Pneumat Systems products are designed to keep bulk materials moving in the ethanol, grain, cement, feed and coal industries.  Pneumat’s equipment solutions are designed for use with various materials including DDGs, powdered cement, coal, fertilizer, powered chemicals, minerals, ash, biomass and more.