Building on its performance in the industry’s aftermarket steering systems, Outback Guidance introduced three new precision auto steer systems.

Next-generation systems from AgJunction’s highly successful eDrive autosteer series were introduced—the new eDriveXD offering decimeter-level accuracy, and the new high-performance eDriveXC with centimeter accuracy.

The eDriveX Series products are engineered for compatibility with a wide variety of brands of tractors, sprayers, spreaders and combines via hydraulic or electric steer interfaces. Both systems are designed to be fully compatible with the Outback MAX or Outback STX advanced GPS Guidance terminals.

Outback Guidance also introduced a new electric steering interface system, eDriveESi. The eDriveESi can be coupled with the new eDriveXD or eDriveXC units to provide the desired level of decimeter or centimeter accuracy by simply replacing the existing steering wheel. eDriveESi is also fully compatible with both the Outback MAX and Outback STX.

Whether used with a hydraulic interface, eDriveESi electric system or pre-installed steer-ready system, Outback Guidance eDriveX systems take automated steering to the next level with eTurns, the industry’s only optional autoturn solution.

“While eDriveXD offers ample accuracy for jobs like tillage, spraying and harvesting, eDriveXC provides the repeatability, rapid line acquisition and sub-inch accuracy needed for precision placement of nutrients, planting and harvesting bedded or specialty crops,” said Outback Guidance Product Manager Mike Bannister. “Of course, eDriveXC is equally adept at other applications that require a high degree of pass-to-pass accuracy or year-to-year repeatability.”

Used with a hydraulic interface or with the eDriveESi system, the eDrive Series systems provide straight, contour and circle pivot modes for maximum versatility and are available in model-specific installation kits for quick installation on more than 2,600 makes and models of equipment.