Norac Systems International announced the availability of the Norac Ultrasonic Sensor as a stand-alone product. This release is in response to market demand for a sensor that has sufficient clarity to accurately measure crop height and other agronomic data for a variety of applications. Norac will be demonstrating crop height measurements using their Ultrasonic Sensor at the National Farm Machinery Show 2016.

“Independent reports have shown a strong correlation between crop height and biomass, which makes Norac’s Ultrasonic Sensor suitable for a variety of applications including mapping crop growth stages, real-time variable rate, and real-time crop biomass detection,” said Danea Armstrong, president.  “Reporting plant height is step one of a strategy towards using Norac sensors for in-crop application and analysis.  In the future customers will see additional plant profiling and biomass capabilities.”

The Norac Ultrasonic Sensor is a sensor designed specifically for the agricultural industry. The initial concept was conceived more than 15 years ago and has developed into a leading high precision technology.

The NoracUltrasonic Sensor is capable of reporting the top of the crop, soil, and multiple levels in between simultaneously. One unique feature is the ability to reliably see through the plant matter to the ground. Each Norac Ultrasonic Sensor contains its own processor capable of performing all computations onboard and outputting a final value to an external device for use in applications requiring distance measurements. It supports the ISO 11783 protocol and data is transmitted in the proprietary range of this specification. The development platform ensures that all settings are easy to configure and verify.