Growers can’t predict stress but they now have a new option to help mitigate its effects and boost corn and soybean yields.
In numerous multi-state field trials, Toggle produced an average yield increase of 7.6% and 9.9% in corn and soybeans, respectively.
Toggle, manufactured by Acadian Seaplants Limited, enhances root development, nutrient uptake, and increases stress resistance allowing crops to reach their full genetic yield potential. Through its complex array of active compounds, Toggle works at the cellular level to stimulate plant growth and development.
“With growers today needing to produce more with less, it is particularly important that they have access to new, scientifically-proven technologies that maximize yield and offer a competitive advantage,” says Jean-Paul Deveau, President of Acadian Seaplants.  “We believe Toggle is leading the next generation of product solutions for the row crop market.”
As a complement to a complete grower program, Toggle offers growers versatility in application with the ability to apply in-furrow and in a foliar spray. Working synergistically with current fertility programs, Toggle improves the crop’s use of nutrients thereby making the best use of production inputs.
For more than 34 years Acadian Seaplants has been a fully-integrated, bio-tech manufacturer of premium agricultural products, cultivated sea-vegetables and functional ingredients derived from select species of marine plants.  Today, Acadian Seaplants is a leader in technical marine plant products for humans, animals and plants.