The 2984 Strip Freshener answers the call for a tool that can assist strip-till operations to ensure strips are ready for planting.

Scott Cale, Yetter territory manager, said, “The strip-till process has proven to be effective time and time again as offering the best of both the no-till and conventional tillage worlds. Our new Strip Freshener steps up to the plate for strip-tillers, offering an effective second tillage-pass option to warm up and dry fall or spring-made strips.”

After a wet fall or a long winter, strips may not be as conditioned as would be ideal for planting. The Strip Freshener, which performs at speeds of six to 10 miles per hour, is an effective choice to prepare strips before planting. Its uniquely designed blade arrangement offers the perfect amount of tillage to condition berms and help create the ideal seedbed.

“By running over existing strips, this tool mixes the upper soil profile, two to three inches deep, which allows the planting zone to warm up and dry more quickly. As a result, planting operations can get underway sooner, rather than waiting for the fall-made strips to be fit to plant on their own,” said Cale. “This unit can also serve as an alternative to complete no-till when operated in virgin soil just ahead of the planter.”

The Strip Freshener is designed with the features Yetter customers have come to rely upon to maximize performance and versatility: parallel linkage to follow field contours and the option to be set up to apply starter fertilizer, removing that process from the planter.

Adding to its usability, the 2984 Strip Freshener has a universal mounting bracket to fit a variety of toolbar sizes, as well as an optional front bracket that enables mounting existing residue managers or coulter setups to the Strip Freshener.