Stoltzfus Spreaders has introduced two 15-ton-capacity spreaders with the industry’s widest adjustable wheel tracks, allowing flexible axle settings in two-inch increments between 90 and 152 inches for farms ranging up to 30,000-plus acres.

The new Stoltzfus RC-1516 lime spreader applies up to 7,000 pounds of lime per acre and also handles fertilizer, compost, poultry litter, sand and gypsum.  The larger RC-1520 spreads all types of fertilizer from 125 pounds to 4,000 pounds per acre.  Both models broadcast spread patterns to 80 feet.

“Big farms need material delivery systems with size, muscle and flexibility to reduce time and costs involved in enriching soil and increasing crop yields,” said Bernard Hershberger, president of Stoltzfus Spreaders.  “With axle settings adjustable up to 152 inches, RC-1516 and RC-1520 maximum wheel spacing surpasses all high-capacity spreaders on the market by at least 30 inches.”   

Steep 53-degree hopper side slopes on the R-1516 ensure a steady flow of lime, while 45-degree sides on the RC-1520 provide a high capacity of fertilizer.  A proprietary Sawtooth Delivery System™ produces smooth flows when spreading low rates of fertilizer.

The RC-1516 hopper is 16 feet long, weighs 9,100 pounds and has a volume of 300 cubic feet, while the RC-1520 weighs in at 12,200 pounds and has a 20-foot-long hopper with a 510-cubic-foot capacity.  Each comes with the industry’s only fully welded unibody construction with hoppers fabricated from Cor-Ten weathering steel or optional 304 stainless steel.     

“Fully welded unibody construction means substantially less flexing, cracking, joint stresses and loosening than bolted spreader bodies,” Hershberger said.  “With proper maintenance, these spreaders will operate reliably for decades.

The two spreaders ship variable-rate-ready, enabling easy connections to in-cab electronics by dealers and customers.  Dual-hydraulic spinners are top-driven, reducing chemical exposure to their motors and bending forces caused by material pounding on spinner disks.                                                         

Buyers can choose narrow row crop tires for in-row applications or wider flotation tires for low compaction in open field operations.  Other standard features include a structural steel tube frame, self-aligning idler shaft, site window, electronic gate actuator and telescoping chain tightener.

List prices for Stoltzfus 15-Ton Row Crop Spreaders range from $55,000 to $77,000 depending on sizes and options.  They are available through authorized Stoltzfus dealers nationally and internationally or directly from the company.

For more information go to or call (800) 843-8731.