Woods End Laboratories announced updates to its Soil Health test programs for the 2016 season. The former Premium Soil Health & Nutrient test will be reduced from $75 to $55. In addition, a new "Mini Soil Health" test will be introduced for only $30.

"Our former Premium test is now our Regular test", says Will Brinton, Lab Director, Woods End. "Our offering of a new type of soil test in 2014 went from a few hundred samples from select farmers to nearly 2,000 in the space of a year."

An even larger change is Woods End's addition of the Mini Soil Health test. "Many farmers already have nutrient test services they are satisfied with, but they still want to get in the soil biology arena," explains soil project manager Rachel Sukeforth. The Mini test priced at $30 enables growers to get a Solvita CO2-Burst, Solvita Amino-N (SLAN), volumetric aggregate stability (VAST) and water soluble carbon and organic-N, all in one package. "If you add these tests to your existing soil test program, you're combining tradition with our leading edge soil health procedures," Brinton points out.

The additional information of the Mini Soil Health test can show benefits of a farmer's land management improvement between sampling events or fields. Either test would give a great indication on the status of a soil's health and the progress of any soil management initiatives, such as cover-cropping and reduced tillage.

Learn more about the Regular and Mini Soil Health Tests.