MapShots AgStudio software improved functions are available in 2016. The company has announced new releases including:

  • Better tools for analyzing yields.
  • A new GIS processing update.
  • A new version of AgDirector software.
  • Two new reference guides for those who use Precision Planting, Inc. planters with a 20/20 SeedSense monitor.

"It's really all about yield, which is a major indication of how well you are making decisions for your business," said Doug Mills, business manager for MapShots. "To help AgStudio software users better analyze yield data over several years, we recently released the Advanced Multi-Year Yield Analysis extension." 

More about this advanced program is at MapShots Learning Center with two new videos.

Another release focuses on the move toward a different type of GIS processing. The SP3 Hot Fix 2 install file and Release Notes are now available to download. They will resolve problems where reports produce “out of memory exceptions.” Additional GIS processing updates are planned for future releases. 

"In addition, a new version of AgDirector software is also available," said Mills. "The Apex Shapefile card reader properly discovers harvest data when other data types exist."

A third release from MapShots is directed toward AgStudio software users who use Precision Planting planters (original or retro-fit) with a 20/20 SeedSense monitor. To provide workflow instructions on creating multi-variety precision planting seeding recommendations, MapShots has added two new reference guides to its Learning Portal.

Multi-Variety Seeding RxsBasic is able to show how to use the following extensions to generate a layer and shapefile that contains a column for each variety in the recommendation:

  • Create management zone
  • Advanced variety placer
  • Create VRS from management zone
  • VRS export

Multi-Variety Seeding Rxs—Advanced provides customized Excel spreadsheet calculators to achieve results with more complex variables. In addition to creating what is available via Basic, a user also learns the steps necessary to:

  • Create and import a spreadsheet calculator into Calculator Editor.
  • Use the Advanced Seed Rate Recommendation extension to create a script for seeding recommendations.

AgStudio software provides both workflows to accommodate AgStudio software users' preferences. They may pick the workflow that fits best and get the guidance needed to make multi-variety seeding recommendations.