Eco Agro Resources, LLC introduced the Neon family of nitrogen stabilizers, the next generation of patent-pending products with the additional benefits for urea users. Three modes of action from two active ingredients provide comprehensive control. Lower use rates versus current products help speed the process of turning ordinary urea into stabilized nitrogen and reduce wetness.

Three products make up the Neon family. All contain a high concentration of proven nitrogen stabilizers in formulations using Penxcel Technology. Penxcel Technology provides deeper penetration, consistent coating and faster blending. Each of the products is designed to protect nitrogen losses in a specific set of situations.

Neon Air protects urea nitrogen against losses into the air, primarily for applications on the soil surface, in crop residue, or in environments where volatilization is the challenge.

Neon Surface protects urea equally against losses into the air and leaching through the soil profile, so it has broad applications for surface applications and shallow incorporation.

Neon Soil protects against losses due to denitrification and leaching where volatilization is less of a concern. Neon Soil is replacing Eco Agro’s first generation product N-Bound stabilizer for urea. Neon Soil offers many improvements, including faster drying, less surface tension and a higher concentration of active ingredients.

Eco Agro Resources President Ray Perkins explains that the products will be ready for the 2016-2017 season. Perkins shares, “We look forward to introducing the entire NEON family to the marketplace. We will make our formal introduction on July 15, 2016 at the Southwest Fertilizer Conference.”

David McKnight, vice president of technology observes, “The Neon family of products is just the latest innovation from Eco Agro Resources. It overcomes the physical challenge of high-rate, single-ingredient product formulations that create wet urea. We challenge ourselves every day to innovate and solve problems, and this will help resolve an issue for blenders and applicators alike.”

Eco Agro looks forward to partnering with those that support innovation and strive to bring creative solutions for the agriculture market according to Chuck Barber, president of global sales. Barber says, “These unique products provide opportunities for those willing to work with us to educate the market about our patent-pending products and their use. Our patents will provide protection for us, and our partners, giving them freedom to customize blends for end users.”