An increasing number of post-emergent herbicides, key tools in the fight against glyphosate-resistant weeds, are requiring the addition of an oil-based adjuvant to contribute to their weed-killing performance. To help in the fight, Oro Agri Inc. has added a new HSMSO adjuvant to its U.S. product line. ORO HSMSO, with TransPhloem technology, offers a HSMSO adjuvant for post-emergent herbicide applications resulting in better weed control.

OROWET technology causes the spray solution to be absorbed more quickly into a weed’s leaf surface for better rainfastness and quicker availability for translocation within the weed. Once the herbicide solution is absorbed, TransPhloem technology facilitates the translocation of the herbicide to the weeds’ roots more rapidly.

“The performance of ORO-HSMSO is a step above the commodity-like methylated seed oil products currently in the market according to Riley Reynolds, Oro Agri director of sales & marketing. University radioactive isotope studies show that ORO-HSMSO translocates more herbicide to the roots of weeds — the site where glyphosate and other post-emergent herbicides are active. We believe growers will see the result of its superior penetration and translocation in faster, more complete control of weeds in their own fields.”

ORO-HSMSO is not currently registered for use in California.