GSI (Grain Systems, Inc.) is introducing its latest innovation in grain conditioning – the GSI Quiet Dryer.  This new fan design cuts the noise level by 50 percent compared to standard portable dryers with vane-axial fans, offering noise relief for farm families as well as their surrounding rural neighbors during the harvest season.

The patent-pending all-heat GSI Quiet Dryer uses a commercial strength quiet blower with fewer blades, less open design and heavier duty construction that offers reduced noise and a softer, more pleasing sound compared to axial fan dryers. It is also quieter and more energy-efficient than centrifugal fans, which require twice as much horsepower to deliver the same amount of air.

Jarod Wendt, GSI grain conditioning engineering manager, noted that some competitive portable dryers offer reduced noise, but often by sacrificing efficiency or capacity. In contrast, the GSI Quiet Dryer fully maintains grain quality, dryer capacity, flame quality and proper air/heat mix. Noise suppression systems can be added to conventional dryers, he added, but many farmers find these objectionable from an aesthetics standpoint.

The GSI Quiet Dryer was successfully tested during 2015 and 2016 on farms from the southern United States to Canada to validate their performance under a wide range of climate conditions. For 2017, it will be offered in 12-foot through 26-foot single heater, single module versions.  

Besides for its benefits to farmers, the new dryer is also expected to have a positive impact on rural community relations. As larger metropolitan areas continue to expand into the surrounding countryside, the reduced noise of GSI Quiet Dryer will be appreciated by non-farming residents who have grown accustomed to the continuous loud sound of standard portable dryers from close-by