Over the years, the agriculture industry has experienced a number of changes in how farmers approach the fields. With a continual influx of new products and seed varieties, farmers are seeking different methods for managing their data. Ceres Solutions has a solution with the R7 Tool by Winfield which offers access to comprehensive and personalized data that will maximize efficiency and ensure success.

“Everyone strives to make better decisions and be more efficient and profitable,” said Josh Mason, agronomy business manager with Ceres Solutions.

Mason describes the tool as a three-part strategy. The first part of the program helps the grower remove certain variables in his field by building variable rate planting and nitrogen recommendations. “This maximizes productivity on every acre by increasing or decreasing seeding and nitrogen rates,” said Mason. With this plan, farmers no longer have to use the same planting populations and nitrogen rates across fields with variables.

“A combination of things go into building the maps such as yield history, satellite images, soil type, and most importantly – the growers input,” said Mason. The R7 Tool has the capability to generate the essential information from combining 20 years of satellite imagery with local seed and crop protection data from Answer Plot test sites.

The comprehensive data complements existing precision farming strategies from farmers. “The way the program is structured, growers can make changes based on his or her experience on the farm.”

The second component of the program is using satellite imagery to monitor the crop at all growth stages. “With ISI allowing us to see the constant changes in growth, we’re able to make real time management decisions that will have an effect on the end result,” said Mason. Accessing crops as they grow enable the more analytical farmer to troubleshoot possible issues in the field.

The third critical part of the R7 plan is centered on data. “The R7 tool allows us to see how a product performs in similar situations,” said Mason. This feature will enable Ceres Solutions experts to compare hybrids to nearly any other hybrid in the industry in similar growing conditions.

“This feature is extremely beneficial, as it helps us make the best recommendations for each field so each growing season can start with maximum potential.”

So, what does this mean for farmers looking to maximize their efficiency?

“Users of this tool say it helps them reach their field’s greatest potential – R7 results speak for themselves.”

     To learn more about what the R7 Tool can do your farm’s success, visit talk to your local Ceres Solutions Agronomy branch.  You can also visit the website at www.ceresllp.com.