Adding to its line-up of dripline solutions, Netafim USA has announced the launch of its new Streamline Plus Series Dripline. Designed specifically for use in the vegetable and row crop markets, Streamline Plus gives growers access to increased efficiency, durability and reliability at a cost that is comparable to traditional drip tape products.

Building on Netafim’s successful Streamline Series, the enhanced Streamline Plus is a non-pressure compensating thinwall dripline that boasts 30% more tensile strength. The added strength preserves distribution uniformity by eliminating stretching or distortion that is common when installing competitive drip tape products to ensure higher quality, more consistent yields across the entire field.

Streamline Plus includes expanded filter inlets, the industry’s widest flow path, superior flap protection and TurboNet emitter technology. Producing a high-rate of internal turbulence that keeps particles and debris in a constant state of motion, Netafim’s patented TurboNet emitter technology prevents clogging and ensures a high rate of distribution uniformity throughout the entire field. With Streamline Plus, growers can utilize a lower filtration requirement than is typically needed for a standard drip tape application, reducing overall system costs and providing an increased peace of mind that their crop is getting the exact amount of required water and fertilizer.

“We are proud to launch the Streamline Plus Series, which provides growers with the most advanced irrigation product for high yields and high-quality produce, regardless of soil and water conditions,” said Zeev Barylka, Director of Marketing for Netafim USA. “Netafim is committed to providing solutions to help growers who are facing water supply and water quality challenges through innovative products that improve their bottom line. All of Netafim’s products are engineered to reduce water, fertilizer and labor costs, while increasing uniformity, yields and grower profits.”

The addition of two vibrant orange stripes down the length of the Streamline Plus dripline ensures that all drippers are in the upright position during the installation process. Each reel belly wrap now comes with directional arrows to assist with installation, dual colors for easy identification, and white reel ends with visual graphics for quicker and easier injection machine dripline installation.

Streamline Plus is available in the same wall thicknesses, inside diameters and flow rates as the current Streamline thinwall dripline products. Customized variable dripper spacing allows growers to create a system based on their application rates and wetting patterns.

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