Midland Door Solutions has announced it is offering custom Architectural doors for use in a wide range of buildings, such as offices and storefronts. The doors give business owners the flexibility to open up large spans of wall to enhance traffic flow in and out of buildings, or divide interior spaces, such as conference rooms, in an easy and aesthetically unique way.

“Our Architectural doors offer the same high-quality features as our agriculture, airplane hangar and commercial doors while giving customers a custom design that stands out from the rest,” said Jason Myrvik, Midland Door Solutions general manager. “We’re excited to bring the dependability the Midland name is synonymous with to a new market.”

Midland designs the doors to meet nearly any size specifications. The doors also can be finished with a wide range of materials, from frosted and etched glass to cedar siding or aluminum facade.

“The possibilities are only limited by the architect’s imagination,” Myrvik said.

The doors come in two lift styles, hydraulic lift and bi-fold. The doors’ operating systems are mounted and concealed in the door headers while the lifting mechanisms are hidden behind the doors’ uprights, resulting in clean lines and enhanced headroom.

Like all its doors, Midland designs its Architectural doors with a 5-to-1 safety factor, which ensures the doors’ load carrying capacities exceed expected or actual loads, resulting in optimal safety. Midland also offers optional safety switches that stop the doors if anything interferes during opening or closing.

Midland designs its Architectural doors without pulleys and with straps, 3 inches or larger, to minimize wear. The straps are also strategically placed behind the structural members to remain out of sight and maintain aesthetics. A header-mounted direct drive operating system provides smooth, quiet operation.  

The hydraulic doors offer maximum headroom and the design of a whole moving wall. Midland also designs the doors with minimal moving parts for smooth, hassle-free operation. Both the company’s bi-fold and hydraulic doors are available in custom colors and designed with heavy-duty steel, providing greater strength and longevity.

Midland designs, builds, installs and services its doors, giving customers a convenient turnkey solution. It also offers its Architectural doors with a 3-year warranty, and stands behind it.