Previously, “water detecting paste” was the only way to detect water in a fuel tank. However, water detecting paste only shows if you have water at the bottom of your tank. It does nothing to detect the suspended water that is doing damage to your diesel engine key parts.

The Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering, Fuel Test #W-5 is the early warning system to test for 200 ppm suspended water in diesel fuel, jet fuel, kerosene and gasoline. It tells you water is suspended in the fuel and near the point where it drops out and  becomes free water then causing major problems.

The kit consists of Five each 2 dram glass vials with the reaction powder capsule in it and one transfer pipette. Cost is less than $5.00 per test.

The test is simple and can be done by anyone.

1. Remove the capsule from the test vial.

2. Take a fuel sample from any location in the fuel system using the supplied pipette.

4. Add fuel to the empty vial FIRST, 3/4 full.

5. Take the capsule and open it by pulling off the colored half. The catalyst is in the clear portion of the capsule. Pour the continents (white powder) into your test vial with fuel. Put on the lid and shake for 10 seconds.

6. Set the vial on the table to allow the mixture to settle and examine the results. 100-200 ppm water will give you pink spots in the white powder. More than 200 ppm water will turn all the powder hot pink.

7. If you have more that 200 ppm water in fuel you need to take action.

For more information contact Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering at (530) 613-2150 or