Loveland Products, a global provider of innovative crop input solutions and subsidiary of Agrium Inc., has announced the launch of Titan XC, a new, next-generation formulation of the Company’s biocatalyst technology for dry fertilizers. Designed to improve dry fertilizer efficiency, Titan XC is extra concentrated to provide superior impregnation onto fertilizer prill. Titan XC offers growers benefits that include:

·         Increased nutrient availability and uptake

·         Enhanced nutrient use efficiency

·         Better root growth and development

·         Improved plant performance

·         Optimized yield potential

“Titan XC is a unique fertilizer biocatalyst that changes the way that fertilizer responds to soil,” said Eric Moon, Plant Nutrition Marketing Manager for Loveland Products. “Titan XC ‘unlocks’ applied nutrients, making them available more quickly so that more of them get taken up by plant roots. With its higher concentration of active ingredients, next-generation Titan XC is also easier to apply.”

“For a grower’s dry fertilizer program, Titan XC is the key to quick release and uptake of a broad range of vital plant nutrients. This can really maximize the return on a grower’s dry fertilizer investment,” added John Oesch, Marketing Manager for the Southern Ohio division of Crop Production Services (CPS).

Titan XC can be incorporated into any conventional production practice that employs dry fertilizers. By accelerating the breakdown of treated dry fertilizers and converting organic nutrients into inorganic, plant-available forms, Titan XC makes nutrients more available for plant uptake and utilization, helping to optimize yield potential.  The recommended rate for impregnation on dry fertilizers is 1 to 2 pints of Titan XC per ton of dry fertilizer.